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Co. Kildare




Design, Planning


This new-build home replaces the original farmhouse, which was the client’s family home. Early on in the project it was deemed uneconomical to refurbish the original structure, and so the difficult decision was made to demolish the old farmhouse and start again. The footprint of the farmhouse was used as a starting point for the layout, with additional elements added to the front and rear plus a full-height first floor to provide space for the required accommodation.

In conjunction with Joe Fallon Design.

The typical lines between front and rear are blurred due to the orientation of the house – the open plan living with a double-height void is located to the southwest of the structure to capture as much sunlight and solar gain as possible, while playroom and ancillary space are positioned to the north and northeast.

First floor accommodation includes four generous double bedrooms, including family bathroom and en-suite/walk-in wardrobe for the master suite. A double-height void and first-floor bridge creates a dramatic entrance to the home. The house is rated as a BER A2, and uses a geothermal heat pump to provide cost-effective and energy-efficient heating and hot water.

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